I am living now in Itu, state of São Paulo, Brasil.

Me and all my friends work together trying to put some ideas in action. We are together making things in and out web since several years ago and now we are creating one hackerspace, the Baia Hacker (you can access if you wanna see photos http://baiahacker.space).

I am graduated in Social Sciences and finished one MBA in University of Sao Paulo studing Governance in IT with Sustainability writing about houses of the future. In this researches I discovered the biotechnoswarm.

In other ways we are doing permatecnoyoga (here one link in portuguese), which means Permaculture + Technologies + Social and we are making a lot of things with this concept, including festivals, biohacking, technoshamanisms, labs, talks in the schools, etc.

I hope that this course can improve my dreams and show us new ways to think and feel the world! Gaia need us!!!!

Nice to meet you Cindy and staff 😀

Biomimicry: A Sustainable Design Methodology


Cost per enrollment: Free
Mar 23 – Apr 20, 2015

Nature offers boundless inspiration for sustainable design, but how do we access the wealth of biological information available and apply it effectively to design? This course provides an introduction to the tools and principles of biomimicry, a new discipline that emulates nature’s best ideas and blueprints in order to solve human design challenges. Each week you’ll get outside to explore nature and learn a key biomimicry design concept that you’ll then apply to develop a novel biomimetic design.


*eu precisava manter online um link com um texto deste tipo para a inscrição no curso 😀

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